Thursday, October 30, 2008

What/Who IS Barack Hussein Obama?

Barack Obama is a rhetoretician, but seldom is truth his currency. He plays bait and switch, misdirection, trickery, sleight of hand, if you will.

Asked by Pastor Rick Warren ‘when BABIES get human rights‘--that‘s Constitutional Rights--Obama switched the focus to conception issues. Why? Because he has a history of using summary removal of Constitutional rights from newborns as his means to protect abortion rights in Illinois.

Barack Obama is more than willing to cancel Constitutionally defined Human rights in order to protect what the Democrat Party has used as their empowerment scheme, for decades.

In the following clip from the Saddleback Church interview, Pastor Warren didn‘t ask about a fetus--the pre-born baby--or about issues of ‘when a conceptus becomes a human being‘, he asked when a baby--an already born, alive human entity--gets human rights:

Notice how Barack Obama answers first that it is above his pay grade, trying to divert the focus to an issue which continues to confound debate. That’s sleight of hand, trickery, obfuscation. Why? … Because while he was in the Illinois legislature, Barack Obama didn’t consider it above his pay grade to cancel the Constitutional Rights of newborn, alive babies as his means to protect abortion ’rights’!

Pastor Warren asked Obama a question which would have exposed a darkness at the heart of the man, had Obama answered truthfully. So Barack Obama played bait and switch, deceived the audience, lied. He does this regularly, but the sycophantic leftist media never calls him on his lies.

Obama twisted the focus of Warren’s question, as a way to avoid exposing his Constitution-cancelling past performance. Killing born alive infants is okay in Barack Obama‘s twisted mind, so long as it protects abortion on demand! But he knows that would be a major turn-off for average Americans, so he lies.

On the other hand, Barack Obama made noises about being his brother’s keeper, and quoted scripture (from Matthew, which he may never have actually read for himself) regarding ‘doing to the least of these’. Had Barack Obama ever actually read the Gospel according to Matthew, he would know that Jesus considers children also as ‘the least of these‘.

Alive, born and separated from their mother‘s body children are the least among us. Obama had no problem with cancelling the rights of these alive children, as his means to protect the rites of abortion and thus empower his political capital among pro-choice Democrats.

Deceit is so deeply ingrained with Barack Obama, one is left pondering from whence comes such deception? How can a man claim to care about the least among us, yet purposely cancel the Constitutional Rights, the Human Rights of struggling-to-breathe newborn children?

If I’m not mistaken, abortion ‘rights’ are about killing the alive unborn. But Obama protected the killing of alive just born children completely separated from the mother’s body, under the guise of protecting abortion rights.

Are we to conclude that killing the newborn is an abortion right?

If that were the only issue, the task of comprehending what is this man would be more simple. But there is so much more, as the Obama army’s character assassination of persons like Joe the Plumber prove.

Actually, the loud and clear message is more sinister from the Obama goons: ‘Do not question what Obama does or says. If Barack uses murdering of newborns as a means to protect abortion rights, he must not be questioned for it.’ Any evil is allowed, so long as it serves to sustain abortion on demand, even if the issue is not abortion but the legalization of killing newborns, the legalization of infanticide!

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