Sunday, October 12, 2008

Barack Obama, Nice Man?

Comity artist, John McCain, told a nice little lady at one of his townhall meetings standing up to state she was afraid of Obama becoming president that, ’Senator Obama is a nice family man, a good man whom McCain would not be afraid of to be president.’ Sorry, that’s just stupidity, not comity.

Barack ’ACORN’ Obama is not a nice man, he’s a nightmare for the Republic.

Barack Obama is not a nice family man, he‘s a proven liar. A nice man doesn't work legislatively to protect infanticide in Illinois. A nice man doesn't train and fund an army committing vote fraud treason to disenfranchise honest votes of We The People. A nice man doesn't wag the race card, manipulating black people in an effort to intimidate folks into shutting up and getting out of his way while he strong-arms via intimidation on his way toward the presidency, surfing layers of lies and outright deception for which the media gives him cover.

A real man doesn‘t lie. A whining self-appointed little godman lies.

Barack Obama is a liar, lying about his connections with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, lying about his place of birth, lying about his defense of infanticide, lying about his alliance with the criminal enterprise ACORN gang, and lying about his campaigning for a murderous thug in Kenya.

Barack Obama is a liar in motion, changing his tune at every turn when a campaign proposal doesn‘t produce the expected acceptance of the previous lie he‘s uttered. Ask Hillary Clinton‘s supporters just how maddening is the ever changing contradictory set of proposals from ‘nice’ mister Obama!

Barack Hussein Obama is not a nice man. Hell, he's not even a man: he whines behind carefully crafted deceptions and lying minions, only surfacing to whine another 'change' in his principles--changed because the earlier lies weren't doing what he expected so he 'changes' the claimed values he espouses. This man will say anything, change anything, and do anything, to claw his way to power, and he and his lying minions have proven they will herd black voters into his service making automatons out of children and teens.

Even the Clintons are campaigning for this vile man! Look at what the Democrat Party and democrat drone voters have become ...

If I had a mic at a John McCain townhall meeting, I would state that Barack Obama is not a nice man, because a nice family man does not work to keep infanticide protected as a way to kill little ones in Illinois. A nice man does not recruit, train, fund, and send into our communities an army for treasonous vote fraud. A nice man doesn't fly to Kenya on taxpayer dollars to campaign for a murderous thug, and continue to support such a thug when he signs an agreement to institute Sharia Law if elected. A nice man doesn't lie his way through primaries and toward the presidency using race baiting as a tool to try and silence any opposition. A nice man doesn't exploit black people to be his willing racial dupes while he's protecting the slaughter of black babies. A nice man? Not Barack Obama! And he's the 'best' the Democrat Party could stand up to run for power?

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