Sunday, October 19, 2008

Thank God For Sam Wurzelbacher, America’s Plumber

This past week, video surfaced of Barack Obama telling a common workingman with an entrepreneurial dream ‘it isn’t so much that I want to penalize your success‘, but that Obama wants to ‘spread the wealth around’ by over taxing the small business engine which drives job creation in America. I was amazed at the sudden glimpse into the basics of Barack Hussein Obama. We were getting an astonishing look at the philosophy of leftist Democrats. But we were actually seeing only the tip of a titanic ‘iceberg’ that is Barack Hussein Obama.

Subsequent video of Barack Obama speaking about Joe the Plumber revealed something much more sinister than was revealed in the third debate with John McCain. At first hearing, I was struck by how Obama’s disdain for Joe may hint of racism. Did the smirk with which Obama intoned ‘John McCain says he’s working for a plumber’ have a racist tinge to it, of a college trained Blackman condescending toward a white plumber?

In fact, Obama’s smirking condescension went well beyond racism, revealing the attitude Barack Hussein Obama and the entire leadership of the Democrat party have toward common man America. It isn’t racism, it’s Marxist elitism.

Had Joe The Plumber been a Blackman, I doubt that Barack Hussein Obama’s responses would have been different in substance. Obama accidentally revealed what Democrats try hard to prevent being known about them: they do seek to ‘spread the wealth around’. Unfortunately, their schemes to spread something around always end up spreading around the failure and poverty generated from Johnson’s Great Society of welfare. But back to Barack Hussein Obama …

If Joe Wurzelbacher had been a Blackman asking the very same question, according to previous performances before black audiences Obama would have altered his speech patterns and given a studied imitation of Blackman as he stealthily denigrated a common man’s dream of buying the business and expanding it, expanding the employee number, and expanding wealth.

The answer to Joe’s query would have varied only in delivery, not in substance: Barack Hussein Obama is a Marxist in his basic belief system. In fact, the entire Democrat Party swings their bats from that side of the government plate, as evidenced by their Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac ponzi scheme to fund mortgages using vacuous credit scams which enriched Democrat friends while saddling middle class and lower income families with unmanageable debt, now creating a five trillion dollar debt load on America‘s future taxpayers.

The little secret at the heart of Marxist philosophy is, there has to be an elite gang at the top of society, somewhere, deciding what your dreams and future will look like in their elitist condescension. The disdain Barack Hussein Obama, Joe Biden, and the teams’ talking heads in the sycophantic media have shown toward Joe Wurzelbacher is very revealing.

These damned Marxism elitists don’t like common man America because guys like Joe Wurzelbacher don‘t want government to be their nanny, they want the chance to have success by their own toiling entrepreneurial drive! It is the character of We The People among all races and ethnic backgrounds that we only want the chance to have our hard work pay off for us and our families. That has no racial boundaries, as my neighbor down the street proves so eloquently, but such independence is anathema to the Marxist way of governance!

The campaign to destroy Joe Wurzelbacher is not based on race or ethnic background, it’s founded in an elitist fear of men like Joe who do not buy the nanny state philosophy.

You can see Marxist condescension flash on the face of these elitists when they mock Joe among sycophantic followers, disdaining Joe The Plumber for daring to question their Marxist messiah.

Obama screwed up and revealed the hidden agenda at the heart of Democrat power lust. His media sycophancy must act quickly to destroy this threat to their carefully crafted lie that is ‘Uniter Squirrel‘, Barack Hussein Obama. It‘s a pity once great men like Colin Powell are so taken in by the crafty sham and are tucked away with the rest of the ACORNs.

The little army of elitist media are quick to assassinate anyone who nicks their little godman, Barack. The little Marxist squirrel could not hide his utter disdain for Joe The Plumber‘s independent spirit. Watch the despicable expression which oozes across the face of Obama when he addresses McCain‘s assertion that he fights for Joe The Plumbers of America: . Folks, that‘s Obama as despicable, and very revealing!

Spread the wealth around is the heart of Marxist philosophy, and it always ends up spreading poverty around, as Cuba and the failed Soviet Union so aptly show. ’Spreading something around’ is the goal Barack Hussein Obama and his party worshippers have for America. Maybe this time Marxist utopia will be reached through the bloody hands of a man who sought to protect infanticide so the left’s precious Roe v Wade would not be eroded. Barack Hussein Obama’s scheme might work and I might be wrong now, but I don’t think so …

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