Monday, October 13, 2008

No Change, Despite Whom Is Elected … Really?

Some are pleading that regardless of which man gets elected--McCain or Obama--things will not change, business will go on as usual. That might encourage some to opt out of the election process, but it is astonishingly naive.

First, observations on the clinton eight years from such voices are flawed, possibly poisoned by democrat party talking point lies claiming clinton era federal tax revenue surpluses. There has not been a surplus since the Democrats funneled all tax revenues (even FICA social security taxes collected) into a 'general fund' from which Democrats and Republicans have over spent, creating an ongoing national debt of federal 'bills' ... federal bonds issued as a means to borrow to pay for Congressional and Presidential spending sprees.

Clinton changed the Bond funding mechanism from long-term notes to short term notes which have higher interest yields for purchasers like the Chicoms and Saudis but which cost taxpayers more and have to be rolled over much more often, at changing interest rates. So there hasn't been a real surplus since the Democrats quietly tapped the tax receipts mounting up in the Social Security trust fund which were meant to be accruing until drawn upon by retiring workers in the distant future. Now, social security is paid by current tax revenues instead of from a 'surplus' ... there are no ‘surpluses due to Clinton‘, because there are trillions in IOUs, even accumulated in the clinton years, where once there were accumulating and set aside revenues collected under FICA taxation in pay checks.

Second, if Barack Obama was even close to as dedicated an American as bill 'sinkEmperor' clinton, the electorate could sail along regardless of a McCain or Obama win. That things will not be business as usual is clearly reflected in the sell-offs occurring in the stock markets; investors don't see a future for profit under a Marxist wannabe like a Castro or a Chavez, and that is in reality what Obama is, a Marxist. Polls being touted by the biased media are panicking investors, adding to the Democrat's desired destruction of the economy as a means to empower the Democrat party in this election year.

Barack Obama is nothing like bill clinton: Barack Obama is a racist politician, and in his own words from one of his 'autobiographies', learned early in life to hide his hatred and distrust for white people. By his own admission, Obama is a deceiver on race and has learned the methodology very well, judging by the many dupes who believe he would be 'good for race relations in America.'

Barack Obama is not a nice man, despite what the comity obsessed McCain says at Townhall events.

Barack Obama, while an Illinois Senator, worked hard to protect and keep legal a particularly nasty way of killing alive unborn children. The abortion method is called induced labor abortion, where an alive but very premature child is forced to be born prematurely then left to struggle and die unattended, alone, suffocating to death, slowly.

Barack Obama was recruited--while still in college--by William Ayers, a domestic (home-grown) terrorist bomber who has not changed his aims for America. Ayers just shifted his bombing to aim at the minds of children during their impressionable years. Ayers wants to change America, but what he envisions isn't a free Republic. One can be assured that Obama fits somewhere in Ayers‘ plan for America else Ayers would not have recruited him so early.

Obama's political career was launched from William Ayers' living room in Chicago, not by a black lady politician, but by Ayers and co., as explained by the black lady the lying David Axelrod campaign has tried to say used Ayers' living room to launch Obama. The black lady was invited to attend Ayers' launching of Obama's political career. Protecting abortion and lying through Obama teeth are not signs of a nice man.

Obama used taxpayer funds to fly down to Kenya, to politically empower one Raila Odinga, thug and convicted bloody revolutionary whose army of machete wielding hackers murdered Christian women and children when Odinga failed to win the election in Kenya.

Obama continued to promote Odinga after it was exposed that Odinga signed an agreement with the Muslim leadership in Africa that he would institute Sharia law if he were elected. And after the slaughtering and burning began, post election, Obama continued to try and get a power sharing position for Odinga in Kenya, remaining in constant contact with the murderous thug Odinga until the duly elected president of Kenya was pressured via churches torched and Christians murdered, and by the US State Dept Obama petitioned and pleaded with, to appoint Odinga to a newly fabricated job of 'Minister'.

Barack Obama has used and continues to use the race card, digging to revive racial unrest, trying to intimidate voters into either voting for him as a black man or staying out of the political struggle so as to not obstruct his rise to power. No wonder Jesse Jackson wanted to clip Obama's 'acorns'! Obama's racist surrogates are increasing the racist pressure every week! They have the media telling folks that if you don‘t vote for Obama, you‘re racist. Such a unifying message, that, join Obama or be stamped a racist!

Barack Obama is closely connected--as a past trainer and lawyer for ACORN--to a hired army of treacherous enemies working to cancel legitimate votes. Called ACORN, this pernicious army creates false voter registrations to be use to cancel the honest votes of real citizens, by using fabricated names on voter registration rolls, names of cartoon characters, the Dallas Cowboys football team, and names of dead people and under-aged children. ACORN is under indictment in several states and it is likely that at least a few of the organizers now sending the vote fraud army out in battleground states were trained by Obama, years ago.

Obama was instrumental as a lawyer on the ACORN case suing CitiBank to increase very bad mortgage loans to people unable to handle the mortgages. This suing under the guise of the CRA (Community Reinvestment Act) from the Carter years, given Justice Department muscle under the clinton signature in 1999 and prosecuted by clinton's secretary Cuomo, is at the heart of the current financial meltdown! The failures of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are directly connected to the strong-arm methodology of ACORN activism taught by Barack Obama in his alliance with ACORN.

And oh yes, and Obama's campaign has paid this election $800,000 to ACORN for their assistance, even as Barack Obama lies saying he is not aligned with ACORN! Obama was also the second highest recipient of Fannie Mae lobbying cash with only three years in the Senate (more than $150,000), yet Obama decries lobbyists!

Barack Obama aligned himself with Rev Wright and the very hate-filled radical black liberation theology ... for twenty years, even taking his precious daughters to absorb the hate in that church! But when Wright and the hate-filled rhetoric were exposed, Barack Obama pretended to dissociate himself from Wright and the rhetoric.

If Barack Obama is elected president, the nation will not continue along in business as usual. The intimidation campaign exploiting Democrat law enforcement folks, by the Axelrod operatives in Missouri, shows that!

Barack Obama's mantra is change. Marxist revolution is founded upon that mantra and Barack Obama is a Marxist who has written about his admiration for Saul Alinsky and Alinsky's mayhem methodology for radicals ... that is the community organizing methodology Barack Obama taught at ACORN and which has been used in voter registration fabrications and for intimidating bankers and banks. No wonder Barack Obama called for his supporters to 'get in your neighbor's face' ... he taught such Alinsky intimidation tactics in ACORN community organizer training classes!

When the Democrat party rejected Hillary Clinton for their nominee, the die was set to have either radical change which will end the Republic as we know it, or for the Republic to slide along under a McCain administration with a Democrat controlled House and Senate obstructing a Republican at every turn for four years. Frankly, the latter is the only chance We The People now have for survival, because it is a sure thing that a Marxist will not hear a single conservative voice once Barack Obama is in power, by any means, even intimidation.

Trying to claim this election is no big deal is a sneaky methodology to get undecided voters to opt out of the political process unless they join the radicals!

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