Friday, October 3, 2008

There is power behind Barack Obama's campaign

There is not a doubt in my old head that demonic powers are loose in our land, that satanic brilliance is at work on Barack Obama's behalf. How can I be so sure? ... Mesmerized crowds are not enough to be sure, but Obama's past behaviors tell us what we need to know.

While in the Illinois legislature, while a member and then chairman of the judicial review committee, Barack Obama worked to block bills which would have extended medical treatment to alive children forced by an abortionist to be born prematurely. When asked about this past work, Barack Obama's campaign--and even he specifically--tried to characterize these efforts as 'seeking to protect Roe v Wade'. [That was the Supreme Court decision allowing abortion in all fifty states, which, when coupled with the soon issued Doe v Bolton ruling, swept away any states' authority to limit abortion killing.]

Why is Barack Obama's effort to protect killing by forced premature birth then neglect of the struggling child so important in understanding the man? ... Because what Obama was seeking to do was protect a particulary demonic way abortionists were killing alive children. And it was a growing national disgrace, as evidenced by the United States Congress eventually passing a bill to stop it!

The forced premature birth then killing by neglect method of terminating pregnancy was becoming popular, particularly in abortuaries where a fetal tissue harvester was working to 'collect' tissues for research programs!

Hearings at which this demonic method of aborting alive babies was discussed focused upon two reasons for the move to abort using this infanticide methodology:

1) the not yet born but very much alive child is not killed in the pregnant female's body then extracted--hopefully getting all the parts--so the abortionists isn't sued for 'malpractice' (odd that, attaching mal to murderers and calling it 'practice');

2) by birthing the preemies at age 18 to 30 weeks then allowing them to struggle and die unattended, alone, the tissues of these just murdered children are more 'pristine for research' ... the methods to slaughter alive children in their mother's womb tend to scald, dismember, or poison the child in order to kill them in utero, and that 'degrades the fetal tissue'.

Think about Barack Obama's pleading when first asked about his work to block Born Alive Infant Protection bills: he stated in so many words that he felt allowing such personhood recognition of these prematurely delivered children would end abortion, then he corrected himself somewhat and stated that allowing these bills to be passed would severely weaken Roe v Wade and perhaps end a woman's right to choose!

What he told us with that pleading was: he is more than willing to defend infanticide--because that's precisely what this method of killing newborns is, infanticide, murder of newborns--as a means to empower himself politically! THAT is demonic. THAT is the overt face of evil in our midst!

Is Barack Obama the anti-christ? ... I would say no, he's not yet powerful enough nor has the world deteriorated sufficiently for him to be 'The' anti-christ. BUT his eager service to evil where it can empower him IS the active, working spirit of anti-christ.

Barack Obama is a very dangerous man and by some unseen influence his zeitgeist is numbing the rational attention of Americans able to vote him into ultimate power over America. Barack Obama's rise to prominence has demonic empowerment written all over it, and the hypnotic effect he has on otherwise rational people is a frightening evidence of the demonic empowerment of this man who is more than willing to protect killing newborn children as but another form of 'a woman's right to choose' ... choose murder of an alive child. [Now where have we read about such demonically inspired behavior, the sacrificing of alive children to a demonic spirit? ... Moloch ring any bells?]

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