Monday, October 20, 2008

Why Some Democrats Are Looking To Vote McCain

During a recent discussion of just how dangerous for America is Barack Obama, someone asked: "I want to know where is Hillary. How come she hasn't derailed this runaway train."

Funny they should ask; Hillary was also an admirer of Saul Alinsky methodology, as shown with her thesis uncovered nearly a decade ago and written about in Barbara K. Olson’s Hell To Pay. Hillary Clinton is campaigning for the little Marxist squirrel. What one ought to ask is, 'What has the Marxist Obama promised to Hillary so that she is helping him ascend to ultimate power?'

One of the interesting little secrets of this election is that PUMAs have discovered Hillary has evolved in her Alinskyeque perspective, moving from a pure Marxist to pragmatic socialist. [PUMAs are the Hillary voters from the primaries who have rejected the mantra of democrat party unity in order to get Barack Obama elected, instead contemplating a vote for McCain/Palin. We’ll look at why, momentarily.]

Marxism, relating to Capitalism, is revolution oriented, systematically tear-it-all-down oriented, destructive. Socialism, related to Capitalism, is change oriented--the very faux mantra of the actually Marxist destroyers as they are swept into power by the poor astonished fools who will be slaughtered in the aftermath.

‘Change’ is the actual campaign mantra used by Raila Odinga, the Marxist Kenyan advised by Barack Obama in the 2006-2007 election cycle in Kenya. The deception of using ‘change’ instead of ‘revolution’ is meant to hook the inattentive, the hopeful, the useful idiots. Odinga tried revolution in the eighties and was jailed for it. So he switched to the less obvious ‘change’ mantra, but still Kenyans rejected his deceit. It was violence and murder Odinga was more than willing to use which finally got him a position of power sharing.

Change does not immediately destroy, it gradually redirects, whereas the objective of Marxists like William Ayers and Rev. Cone--mentor to Rev Wright--is to destroy the existing society and install a different society. Barack Obama is closely connected to William Ayers, despite the lies David Axelrod has tried to float to deceive voters.

Barack Obama is pretending to be a socialist but not saying it outright, for obvious reasons. He has foisted ‘change’ at the heart of his objectives, as his means to deceive his way to empowerment. He used the same deceitful technique while protecting infanticide in Illinois, in order to empower himself with pro-choice voters; the truth on Obama was he worked to protect abortion through protecting the heinous killing method know as induced labor/induced delivery abortion ... and even the radical pro-choice like Boxer, Harkin, and Clinton could not be that extreme and voted to pass the Born Alive Infant Protection Act which Obama repeatedly opposed.

Let‘s be clear: Barack Obama is associate of Rev. Wright of Black Liberation Theology, and William Ayers, co-founder of the Weather Underground terrorists bombers. Both of these radical men, Barack’s chosen associates, aimed to destroy the America they saw. Ayers evolved into 'change' oriented socialist only because he could not in the seventies succeed in destroying America.

Should Americans trust that Barack Obama will--as an associate of Rev. Wright and William Ayers--stick to 'change' style socialism if and when he attains ultimate power in America? … Does anyone believe Ayers would not resort to his original objectives when his man Barack holds the keys to destroying the America Ayers still hates? Apparently, men like Colin Powell cannot reason that far, making Colin Powell a useful idiot!

The PUMAs have seen the evolution of Hillary from stealth Marxist like Obama, to socialist. It is striking to realize that people like Colin Powell have been fooled to believe Obama is a socialist they can work with, whereas PUMAs have seen the actual Marxist behind the deceit that Obama and his squad of deceivers in media spew. Powell is a useful idiot; PUMAs are pragmatic socialist. In PUMA calculus, McCain still leads to socialism, whereas Barack Obama leads to quick destruction of the Republic. PUMAs may be right about John McCain, but I don’t think so. I welcome their votes though, for we have love of this Republic in common.

I have nothing in common with William Ayers or hate spewing Rev. Wright, and these are men Barack Obama has chosen to be his associates. They are but two of the many, many radical associates Obama values. Ever heard of Franklin Raines?

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