Friday, October 24, 2008

Television Reveals Our Deepest Nature, Sometimes

The CSI episode (CBS show, Crime Scene Investigation) which aired Thursday evening, October 23, was, as is common, about a serial killer. The killer picked random victims, drugged them to unconsciousness, and killed them in restrained poses, so when rigor mortis sets in (stiffening of the muscles with oxygen deprivation and paralysis of muscle cells) these people are posed in what the killer perceives as ‘artful sculpting’.

Toward the end of the episode, the CSI team discovers the killer has abducted a little boy whom he plans as the last in a series of ‘sculptings’. The frantic criminal investigators locate a warehouse where they believe the killings have taken place and rush to find the little boy. As the child is pulled free from the straps and restraints, unconscious, CPR is started when the boy is carried from the killing chamber. The audience is left in suspense, momentarily: will the team be too late to save this child; will CPR revive this child?

I watched the end of that episode with tears in my old eyes, pleading in my mind for the little one to breathe. The tears were because I was thinking of how a viewing audience can be manipulated to cheer for that little boy to recover from the carbon monoxide and breathe, yet Barack Obama worked hard in the Illinois legislature to protect killing born alive infants —completely separated from the mother’s body— via forced suffocation of preemie babies left unattended to die alone. And it makes me cry that too many of my fellow Americans are going to vote for this ghoul from Illinois who used the suffocation murder of born alive children as a means to empower himself politically.

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