Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Obama Constitution&Abortion

Barack Obama sought to cancel the Constitutional Human Rights of born alive infants as Obama's means to 'protect' Roe v Wade and empower his political capital.

As a Constitutional law professor, we may be certain he knew what he was working to do when he opposed the born alive infant protection legislations. The form of killing alive children--that Obama protected--is called induced labor abortion. It is a method of forcing premature birth then killing the struggling completely born infant by neglecting medical attention, so the struggling child eventually suffocates. That is infanticide/murder via purposed neglect. ...

And America's media is protecting this kind of man, so he may become our elected president without vetting? THAT is the fourth estate turning into the fifth column enemy of the people.

Please watch the following and forward the net address to all on your e-mail lists. Time is growing very short for our values:

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