Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Is This Election America's Last Chance To Reject Real Evil?

This last debate is vital to the future of our nation, and in a very real way, this election is crucial for the survival of millions of future Americans who will be in grave danger if Barack Obama is elected and does what he has promised with regard to Abortion.

While in the Illinois legislature, Barack Obama worked hard to protect a type of abortion that forces babies to be born alive very prematurely (between 16 and 24 weeks of gestational age) then they are left to die, alone, struggling to try and breathe, without medical attention. Such children are alive, not as survivors of an abortion attempt but as the intentional means to kill them using their fragile condition to murder them via neglect so they eventually suffocate.

When a man's soul is so dark that he describes addressing the wrongness of that evil as above his pay grade--as Barack Obama did during the Saddleback Church interview--if America does not reject such a leader, America become liable for the evil rising in her midst. Barack Obama has promised to sign as one of his first acts in the presidency a bill to sweep aside ALL abortion laws in America, including and especially the laws passed to address this evil way of killing fragile little babies ... which killing method he worked to protect while an Illinois Senator.

I am convinced that The Lord can reveal to the world the spirit that is within Barack Obama and that the spirit within him is twisted and evil. What frightens me is the real possibility that even when God reveals that twisted spirit, too many Americans will still embrace him despite the recognition of his evil intentions.

Intentionally killing premature children via neglect is pure wickedness. To work hard to protect that wickedness is service to evil. So, my fervent prayer this evening is that The Lord will by some divine means pull back the veil hiding the real person that is Barack Obama, for the world to witness it tonight. May the Lord have mercy upon America and at least reveal the nature of Barack Obama so that we the people have a last chance to turn from wickedness and turn to Our Savior and His Spirit of Life.

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