Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Neglecting premature alive children so they struggle and die alone is an acceptable form of abortion, to Democrats. Didn’t you know?

During a recent discussion over the Barack Obama defense of abortion via forced premature birth then neglect of the alive struggling ‘fetus’ the following exasperated question arose:

"Who could POSSIBLY vote to allow a baby crying out for warmth, touch, food and love to lay on a cold slab and die from lack of ANY ATTENTION!"

The answer? … Any average voting democrat, that's who. Oh, to be sure, they use some form of magic thinking, to convince themselves they are remaining moral as they vote for the ACORN godman ... Like:

… 'the children wouldn't have lived anyway, so letting them die unattended is more merciful than putting out expensive efforts which will prolong the child's suffering' (I've had that one spittled at me recently in fact);

… or 'the mother has a right to reject the thing, it was her tissue mass' (I hoped that one was spittled at me a couple weeks ago more as a liberal‘s effort to make me angry; I don‘t want to believe a soul could be so cold and dead as that, but it was said).

Make no mistake, democrat voters rejecting the truth about Obama’s defense of evil are not rational and they've been trained and herded to remain irrational.

What is not told to We The People is that when Barack’ACORN’Obama was working so hard in Illinois to protect this method of killing alive children by forced premature birth and neglect until they struggle and die, unattended, alone ... that method for killing the alive unborn was becoming a popular way to terminate these children so that they would be more pristine sources for fetal tissue harvesting--a billion dollar industry servicing research programs at the nations medical research centers private and in colleges and universities.

More than a decade ago, a northeastern Senator in the United States Senate exposed the fetal tissue industry, and he was promptly unelected by the northeastern liberals (Bob Smith). Liberals don‘t want to hear the truth. Period.

Another rationalization for the growing popularity of killing by force premature birth and neglect was the rationalization that it reduced the risk to the pregnant female by not having to kill the alive child in utero. THAT truth is carefully avoided by your friendly democrat sycophantic media. That same media is selling We The People a dead-soul man with speaking talent and hundreds of millions of dollars behind him, a man who, because of his deep involvement with ACORN is squarely in the center of why our financial health is on life support.

The Democrat party has been empowering their political capital through defense and careful promotion of abortion, for decades, making them responsible for the slaughter of literally tens of millions of black children! And black democrat voters rationalize that evil and still blindly follow the democrat mantra.

Should we be surprised that Democrats now worship a man who championed a most heinous method for killing the alive unborn with profit attached to it?

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