Sunday, September 28, 2008

The End IS Now In Sight: Will We Make The Leap?

A poster at made the following observation Sunday, on a thread explaining origins of the current financial/survival crisis of the Republic:

"We are past the point of no return. The United States, the Fed Reserve have no resources to stop the unwinding of the credit derivatives, and it is unwinding fast now. The joy of a Congressional bailout will prove short-lived."

I disagree, in the strongest terms, not with the underlying premise but the with the way the poster posed the problem. And I think Newt Gingrich would disagree, also. But then Newt is always hopeful.

You have left out a major component purposely ignored by the commie alphabet media seeking as a fifth column enemy of the Republic over which the media wish to have Americans remain in the dark: we have the natural resources (oil, gas, coal, technological innovation) to develop our way out of this current crisis, with time, if the democrat controlled government would stop blocking the free development thereof. But the subunits of the socialist democrat cabal have the congressional power to block use of our natural resources because the democrats see that blockage as a means to bring the nation to its collective knees and usher in the faux utopia of democrat run nanny state.

The crisis is a manufactured one which depended upon a small number of very greedy people to cooperate in putting our financial industry at the brink of disaster. Coupled with the blockage of resource development, the perfect collapse has been engineered due to household credit orgies encouraged by media and financiers.

There is a way to work our way out of this crisis, but in taking that route we must also end the playing field upon which the Republic has been pissed on and pissed away by the democrat party and its Marxist community organizers trying to bring about the socialist nation of their demented, twisted, degenerate dreams ... and the only way to make it happen is to fire the democrats and Republicans in Congress (both House and Senate) who have aided and abetted this leap toward socialism by fiat.

Corrupt Senators like Ted Stevens must be dealt with; lying, socialist, degenerately corrupt congressmen like Barney Frank must be rejected at the ballot box.

Now, do you see that happening, at this stage in the game when the very constituents of Barney Frank's district are thoroughly steeped in socialist beliefs, blind to the destruction mister Frank and his hench-ghouls have been working feverishly to accomplish?

I don't, and that's the horror of it all: the democrat party has not only revealed what they are, by posting this community activist Marxist named Obama as their brightest and best candidate to be president, they have so dumbed down the electorate that their democrat controlled congressional seats are beyond reached to end the commie stranglehold on this nation.

And the fifth column media--posing as a fourth estate--is aiding and abetting the demise of the Republic, every chance they can manufacture. For proof, take a look at the CBS Bob Schieffer 'propaganda hour' (Face The Nation) with Barack Obama unchallenged in his lies and manipulations this Sunday. The man lied repeatedly and received from Bob Schieffer only smiles and quiet reverence. CBS had their aged puppet working carefully from the script, no doubt provided to them by the Obama/Axelrod political machine. Notice the carefully coordinated CNN propaganda impaneled immediately following the debate on Friday night, and the subsequent fabrications of a fantasy reality running there all weekend, working overtime to denigrate McCain and worship at the altar of Barack Hussein Obama!

The vast majority of media operate off of the DNC talking points. Was it surprising that an army of Clinton era operatives were embedded in the networks following his time in office. Need we be reminded of the 'gravitas' DNC talking point example when Cheney was chosen for VP running mate? The democrat party influence over media hasn't gotten less entrenched, it's gotten more stealthy and more pervasive!

CBS made the most expensive campaign video a candidate could ever hope to receive, and Obama's Marxist soldiers didn't have to pay a penny for it! CBS gave it to their demigod, poseur for president, Barack Hussein Obama, marxist activist extraordinaire.

We The People were supposed to be the sovereigns of this Republic. By careful graft, lies, and media manipulation, coupled with the steady decades-long destruction of the educational system, training children to be feelers not thinkers, watchers not doers, sycophants not scientists, followers not leaders, consumers not inventors ... by these means the commies have placed us on the brink of final demise. They laid out this strategy more than forty years ago, openly, in an open forum Communist Party Congress in the Soviet Union.

The union may be gone from the books, but Putin is proving the power of that insidious enemy is not gone. They switch strategies, moving from open military confrontation in an arms race they could not win, to a stealth strategy of energy manipulation and unbounded debt accumulation for US. They convinced US that their world-views was not threat because the Soviet Union came tumbling down. But they never went away. And they have willing accomplices working overtime in the USA as a fifth column in politics and the media, and now we see, also inadvertently in the backrooms of big finance.

We the people are no longer the sovereigns, because we have abdicated our responsibility to monitor and remove wrongheaded congressional critters like Stevens, Dodd, Schumer, Waters, Watts, and Frank, in favor of orgying on the bread and circuses the credit/media masters have made US dependent upon and lusting for.

When the great depression hit, the majority of Americans did not live in big cities and the connected urban centers. As a result, most families survived without anarchy and rioting because they could grow what they needed to survive. Now, hah! The population developed to be dependent is totally at the mercy of supply, and supply is controlled by the very bastards who have worked so feverishly to bring about massing of dependencies.

The democrat party has been working for decades (since the Johnson Great Society) to create a nation of dependents upon the federal government, run by the democrat party, and empowered through obscenities ... like democrat protection and promotion of slaughtering the alive unborn. The democrat party is the party of abortion slaughter, and they’ve convince half of America that such an heinous act of hired murder is empowering for women!

But the direction of the democrat obsession to be in complete control of a socialist state went from being faked benign to being openly pernicious during the Clinton years.

The chaos which is coming will not last years. It will take only a few weeks of riots and mayhem, starvation and murder. It will eliminate tens of thousands of victims and useless-to-democrats-in-the-coming-state dependents, and create a populace begging to have government establish peace and stop the murderous bands of hungry dependents raiding the homes and businesses of people who went along to get along, abdicating their sovereign responsibilities along the way.

Political correctness has been the hammer, but weakness of and systematic corrosion for the sovereign’s will has been the means to end the sovereignty of the American people. The pervasiveness of pornography under the guise of freedom of speech is a glaring example.

Seven years ago, I had a conversation with a shrewd businessman regarding the nature of financial peril the nation faced then. He was certain the debt our government had amassed by then was the straw about to break the back of the Republic, because we could not keep transferring increasing national debt to our grandchildren. I took a moment to compose a response, which in essence referred him to the transfer of debt the government had arranged for individuals and families to carry, and that it was that mass of living on credit which would ultimately destroy the Free Republic.

Well, I'm not an economist, so it appears I was only partially right: the personal credit orgy has led to a financial institutions meltdown, but the democrat socialist party has been the orchestration of the crash we see happening in slow motion now. And they forced the greedy CEOs to exploit the financial system for obscene personal profits, generating massive peril to the sound fundamentals of capitalization ... the Republic cannot sustain itself on credit. But it will accelerate tomorrow because that is the ultimate plan!

The very fact that the democrats ARE trying to incorporate more than 100 billion of taxpayer funding for the Marxist entity ACORN in the current bailout doesn't seem to register on the minds of dumbed-down use-to-be sovereigns of a once great Republic. And Barack Obama has risen to prominence in America through his association and work in ACORN.

May God have mercy upon US and make the end swift if it has arrived. Buy ammo, now, while you can still get it to defend hearth and home. Mayhem is the satanic godchild of the demcorat party ... as a nation, we should have learned that with the Watts riots, but we didn't. And look how far Californian's have been eager to leap into debt and communism just to avoid another Watts shakedown!

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