Saturday, September 20, 2008

Financial Crisis Is A Winner For Republicans; Here’s How I Got There

The current financial meltdown has caused the Fed to step in and take over certain aspects of the economy best left in private hands. There is a mantra being repeated which claims every household is now on the hook for tens of thousands new debt else the debt will be heaved upon our grandchildren to pay it. That is absurd since the debt is in the form of loans which will be resolved and the floundering assets sold once fiscally sound again. But fiscal fallacies are not the focus of this short essay.

There is a way to bring the Federal books into balance, if the Democrats in the House and Senate would allow it to go forward, honestly, with provisions to deter this point being reached ever again.

I live where cattle are raised. If I had a seam of coal on the property, but chose to not mine that coal and continue to just raise cattle, there is no harm done. However, if I run up a massive debt and still refuse to mine the coal but instead transfer the debt to my heirs by some means, I have erred, grossly.

The Russians were heavily in debt and their economy was stagnant. The sale of oil and gas brought the Russian books into the black. That financial strength is what has given Putin the room to become militarily adventurous.

America has vast natural resources which could be tapped for exploitation to sell to the world. The sale of these resources could net the Federal tax coffers vast revenues which could bring the debt to a close and bring our federal budget into the black, and still be done in a free market environment. But this means to solve the current crisis must have with it legislation which prevents this democrat-run ‘corporate/tax raiding’ ever again.

Yes, drill here, drill now, pay less. But let‘s not forget, drill here, drill now, collect the lease fees and tax revenues to pay off the debts, in this generation.

By making our nation fiscally sound again, we will have built for ourselves a reserve from which to deal with the obscene threat of Islamic terrorism and radical Islamic fundamentalism as funded by the oil drenched Saudis and their allies.

Energy independence is not just a dream, it is a vital cog in the machinery to fight radical Islam. By sustaining our vulnerability via preventing the drilling and exploitation of our natural resources now, the Democrat Party is aiding and abetting the enemies of this nation, in a stealth fashion. If enough people write about this aspect of the debt versus energy axis, perhaps the democrats will be rejected in November. We’ll see … but to take advantage of the current crisis and serve the American people will require brave, thoughtful, and energetic Republican action over the next forty days!

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