Saturday, September 27, 2008

With One Debate, It’s Already Over on September 27, 2008

Subliminal messages--covert signals--are often more powerful than overt statements. The best poker players make a living on subliminal messages. Barack Obama’s handlers ought to know this since they had him spouting ’just words’ in a speech, trying to fabricate gravitas by impugning the spoken message. Because of powerful subliminal messages, I would humbly offer that McCain won the election last night. Here's how I got there.

Every time John McCain linked his career associations, those he’s worked with like Kissinger, to the recent past two decades history of this nation, he sent a subliminal message that he is ready on day one to lead this nation, even in war and certainly in peace, because he has the contacts to make ‘it’ happen, to get the job done in workman-like fashion. [Which would a conscientious parent trust their four year old with while at the store, trusted grandad or a tatooed and pierced gothic wannabe early teen down the block?]

Every time Barry Obama said 'I agree with John/Senator McCain' he sent the subliminal message that he is a neophyte wannabe. [Who cannot remember an instance in their formative years when they or a close friend was trying to fit into a soical set and used that method to try for acceptance?]

Every time Barry Obama tried to talk over and interrupt John McCain while he was speaking, Barry came across like the typical liberal snot displayed nightly on Hannity and Colmes. [Barack Obama is much more like Alan Colmes than he is like John Kennedy.]

What most likely is settling into undecided minds who viewed the entire debate last night is a stark contrast of a wannabe--junior Senator from Illinois who tells folks to call him to come do his job if they think he can help, Barack Obama, and a man in full, John McCain.

When the debate on the economic issues comes up, all McCain needs to do is attach Obama's tax hike philosophy to the bailout of Wall Street due to democrat forced mortgage dole and he will walk into the White House in a landslide.

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