Sunday, September 7, 2008

Barack Obama is more than just a defender of Roe v Wade

Barack Soetoro Obama is a far more radical pro-choice candidate than he is trying to portray. Obama has a history of defending infanticide and he tried to conceal it at the Saddleback forum, recently. And he’s still trying to divert attention from his deception.

When Barack Obama made his famous, flippant remark of ‘above my pay grade’, it came after he had skillfully changed the focus of Rick Warren actual question.

When one watches the video, it is clear that Pastor Warren asked, "At what point does a baby get human rights, in your view?" Rick didn't ask about a fetus, he asked about a baby, the name given a born infant! Obama changed the focus to create a confusion he assumed would give him wiggle room. But why?

While Barack Obama was in the Illinois legislature, on three separate occasions he worked hard to prevent a bill to come into law that would extend medical attention to infants already born as survivors of abortion attempt. The reality is that abortionists had begun causing premature births to terminate pregnancies.

Instead of killing alive children in the womb, then delivering the corpse, abortionists were causing premature births and leaving the little struggling babies to die unattended, alone. Yes that’s ghoulish, but it is what was happening all over the nation at the time Obama worked to prevent laws from being passed that would force medical attention for the preemies! But why would abortionists do such a cold thing?

There are several reasons, not the least of which is the 'fetal tissue' industry which pays top dollar for pristine baby parts, the sort of parts resulting from allowing a whole, alive, premature infant to die unattended after being purposely delivered prematurely.

It is also less dangerous to the female from whose body the baby is delivered because no sharp instruments are used to stab into the alive partially born baby’s skull to suck out their brains. And no extremely concentrated salt solution is put into the female’s body to kill the alive unborn child. And no dismemberment is done to the alive unborn child in order to remove them piece by piece from the female’s body, risking some portion being left inside to cause ‘complications’.

Killing alive unborn children in females’ bodies is bad enough, but Barack Obama went even further, to defend the killing via neglect of alive BORN children. It is downright ghoulish that he is proud of that record and is still trying to spin his deceit during the Saddleback interview.

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