Friday, September 5, 2008

Obama: Being There, Not

This entry is not about Barack Obama, not directly anyway. It is about the David Axelrod construct Americans are being fed, named Barack Hussein Obama, or as Rush Limbaugh has named him Barry H. Obamessiah.

First, I was astonished at how well Rick Warren in the Saddleback Church venue opened up two men for all the world to see. That leads to a second, deeper observation.

There is a phenomenon, well defined in human Psychology, called projection. It is the phenomenon responsible for ‘love at first sight’. and ‘falling in love’. David Axelrod, Barack Obama's professional people manipulator/creator and handler has sought to fabricate a vagueness screen upon which voters can project what they think they want in a leader. Rick Warren removed the 'vagueness' to reveal some of the ‘actual’ under the veil of vagueness Axelrod has skillfully fabricated.

What Rick Warren did so naturally is precisely what a skilled Pastor does with his congregants in his non-pulpit time: a Pastor deals with real human nature he is able to expose via personalized questioning. Through Rick Warren’s skill, Obama was left exposed for the secular Marxist he is, which is maddening to those who have so embraced their own projections onto the vagueness screen of Axelrod's constructing.

Once a good dose of reality settles upon the ‘other‘ at whom projection is aimed, Obama will not even get the moderate votes. Barack Obama is first a carefully constructed duality of non-person and Nietzschian uberperson, hiding a supporter of abortion on demand, a Marxist lusting after wealth redistribution through heavy taxation and government dole, and a man uncomfortable with America's status as world leader improving human conditions through a capitalist approach protected by a strong, modern standing military.

In simpler terms, Rick Warren exposed the real Barack Obama, and that exposure shattered the false image Axelrod has encouraged people to fabricate personally in their yearning minds. Poll numbers confirm the shattered vagueness screen.

Put another way, Warren popped Axelrod's fancy balloon, revealing the real Obama who is not so pretty for conservatives and moderates to confront. We are witnessing a real life ’Being There’ [the Peter Sellers movie, for those in Rush’s Rio Linda] with the difference being that our Chauncey Gardner is smart, masters a teleprompter, and has a deep lust for power.

What Rick Warren did inadvertently for McCain was expose the human side of a man perhaps ready to lead, and lead not by wet finger in the wind methodology the media and pollsters have insisted is 'the American way', but lead by relying upon his internalized values, the values Rick Warren exposed for us during that golden hour.

I was genuinely surprised and pleased with Rick Warren's masterful work in that Saddleback venue. America can be the better for such an effort. And now that Barry Soetoro Obama has added gaffestar, Joe Biden, to his ticket, reality will relentlessly grind down David Axelrod’s vagueness veil constructed for living in fantasy relationship with a dangerous empty suit.

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