Monday, December 22, 2008

Schumer and DNC Operatives Caused the Economic Collapse, For Political Leverage

The following article from July '08 is so important, I'm posting it here before it is dug out and removed from the Internet, to prevent the American people from connecting the dots. But watch sites like, for updates to the unraveling facts which prove the Democrat party is responsible for this evil sweeping the globe. The Democrat party will use anything to empower their political capital, and care not a whit that their manipulations cause so much mayhem and destruction to capital, jobs, families, and communities.

How Chuck Schumer Caused the 2d Largest Bank Failure in U.S. History (Important Read)

CNBC ^ | July 12, 2008 | Jerry Bowyer

Federal officials aren’t supposed to cause bank runs. In fact, much of the New Deal bank regulatory apparatus was set up for the purpose of eliminating such panics. When FDR was hit with a massive set of bank runs shortly after taking office, he gave an address in order to calm terrified depositors, assuring them that the banks would reopen shortly, and that everything would be fine. But Chuck Schumer is no FDR. He doesn’t stop bank runs; he starts them. Or, at least, has started one. The collapse of Indymac bank, the second largest bank failure in American history, began with a letter from the office of Senator Charles Schumer on June 27. He questioned the viability of the bank. When a senior senator who is in a number of influential posts regarding oversight of bank regulators directly attacks the confidence of a depository institution, it matters. Not surprisingly, the director of the Office of Thrift Supervision concluded that the collapse of the bank immediately following the Senator’s comments has not a coincidence. Director Reich concluded that Senator Schumer had ‘given the bank a heart attack’.

Why? Why would a federal official with enormous power, destroy an institution on which tens of thousands of depositors (not all of whom are insured) and employees depend? Why would a New York Senator attack a Pasadena bank, acting as some sort of amateur, self-appointed, long-distance bank examiner?

Perhaps this might help answer the question: Indymac has been under attack from the hard left. The Center for Responsible Lending issued an attack on Indymac within a few days of Schumer’s letter.

CRL is part of a small army of left of center ‘research’ groups, community organizers, and public interest law firms who make their living accusing home lenders of racial redlining and predatory lending. On June 20th the Center accused Indymac of unfair practices regarding minority borrowers. [CRL is a left-wing group that refuses to disclose its donors, but somehow has raised enough money to open very expensive offices in Washington and Sacramento. They are the Democrats' favorite witness at hearings on mortgage lending. CRL is in some ways responsible for the subprime mess, because in December 2006 it released a completely bogus report that projected 2 million foreclosures would occur. That number is taken as gospel now, but it has not materialized. This is a group of lying leftists that is trying to break the U.S. mortgage industry, and appears to be succeeding, with the help of Chuck Schumer. Some people think that one or more large U.S. or foreign banks is actually bankrolling CRL.]

A suspicious person might think that a network of lefty attack groups proficient in bank bashing and frequently funded by trial lawyers and short-sellers, coordinated their activities with a law firm on the hunt and a Senator who works closely with the network.

On the other hand, maybe it is a coincidence that CRL and Sen. Schumer attacked the same bank in the same week. Maybe he didn’t know about the CRL report, nor CRL about his letter. Maybe the community group didn’t know about the trial-lawyer class action lawsuit which was launched against Indy a couple of weeks before all of this started.

Yeah, right.

The political class is shifting left. We’re likely to get Obama and Nancy and Harry running the most advanced economy in the world next year. The investor class doesn’t like what it sees coming. That’s why it is scaling back. Capital is going on strike, and we won’t come back to the table until we see that we have a chance to a fair deal.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Obama: Illegitimate Affirmative Action Hire

The way this poseur, Barack Hussein Obama--if that is in fact the legal name--is handling this issue of his place of birth/naturalization is most telling of the man's contempt for the Constitution and what he will place ahead of the nation. Obama comes first in his calculus, and somewhere down the list of priorities is 'the nation's interests'.

All of his life has been a latter-day affirmative action lesson. His promotion on several levels has followed the fading model of affirmative action, allowing him to manipulate 'the system' for his own promotion. He has now sealed his records at all levels, to prevent revelation of his manipulating the system as he so chose, taking advantage of lax authentication especially where a 'black' person seeking affirmative action was relevant.

Two or three incidents in his life will illustrate the machinations:

1) Obama has sealed from the public his transcripts from High School AND from college at all levels, which effectively also hide from view the name(s) he used and nationalities he claimed, to apply for various college entries and programs such as funding assistance;

2) When Obama was a college student, he traveled on a visa to Pakistan; such travel was restricted for American citizens but was open to Indonesians; since Obama was an Indonesian citizen of record for his schooling while his adopting father Mister Soetoro registered him for schooling there, Obama could have applied for and held an Indonesian passport but has sealed that record from scrutiny, for obvious reasons;

3) All through Obama's primary and election process, when a question of Obama's associations and past were cited for query, the David Axelrod method for dealing with any controversy was to layer lies on the issue that obfuscated the truth: such as the claim that in 20 years of sitting in Wright's church Obama never heard the man malign America, or the absurd lies told regarding William Ayers, beginning with Axelrod's idiocy--savored by the sycophantic media and repeated by such leftist fools as Mara Liasson on Hume's FOX program--of 'perhaps Obama and Ayers met casually at school functions since their children attended the same schools'!

Of course none of these deceptions would work for more than a week if it were not for the fifth column enemy of We The People--the media bastards propagandizing for their Marxist messiah--avoiding airing any of the controversies with even a modicum of objectivity, and in fact spewing the layered lies for the campaign and the handlers. But then, the media showed they relish a well placed lie more than the truth, with the eight years of constant lies from bill 'sinkEmperor' clinton, the media's dead-soul hero.

Sean Hannity has stated that this election was the year journalism died in America. More accurate would be the observation that this election was the point at which the socialist media went finally over to the dark side, transmogrifying themselves from faltering fourth estate to active fifth column enemy of We The People. [Imagine a Calvin and Hobbs transmogrification of a mailman into a monster stalking Spaceman Spiff ...] But then, Sean is more of a gentleman than I am, so he would never state it that way.

Obama's way of dealing with these controversies regarding his past and his identity prove he cares not a whit for the Constitution or the People who have sought to allow him to ascend into the applied for affirmative action position.

Obama is a wicked man, as he proved in dealing with the issue of born alive infants in Illinois ... he actively sought to cancel their Constitutional rights which incur to them upon being born alive in this nation, in order to protect the murder of these newest citizens via purposed neglect.

Obama was actively protecting a murder methodology being used in the South-side Chicago abortuaries where a majority of the children killed are black children. Yet black people never heard this truth about Obama because the fifth column enemy actively withheld it from the people, selecting what truths about this wicked man they would report.

A fading affirmative action hire of a questionable candidate for the position applied for would not be creating a Constitutional crisis if one of two things were in order: either We The People shut up and sit down while this fraudulent candidate ignores the Constitutional requirements for the applied for position, or the once honorable fourth estate would report the full truth about this fraudulent poseur candidate so the people could make an informed decision on this affirmative action applicant for president.

We are seeing the ultimate nightmare of affirmative action when it is applied without completely following the law. The fifth column enemy of We The People is creating a very volatile scenario by avoiding truth and proper vetting, perhaps aimed at extorting the affirmative action hire for their messiah. If bloody rioting comes, one can only hope the enemies of We The People--in the media--are expunged/destroyed in the process.