Friday, September 5, 2008

Book Report: The Obama Nation

This is a book report. Not a book report like you might construct for college course credit, a book report aimed at showing features, advantages, and benefits in reading carefully a condensation of vast research done by Jerome Corsi on one Barack Hussein Obama, Democratic Party candidate for President. And let‘s keep that fact ever in mind as the real Obama emerges through the pages of Corsi‘s book, this is the Democrat choice for President.

Title of the book is The Obama Nation and yes, it is a play on the word abomination. Jerome Corsi is an excellent writer and better researcher, and this book flows well even though the central figure of the book is Barack Hussein Obama. I‘ve gotten into the habit of characterizing Obama as an empty suit. With Corsi‘s evidence now crashing around in my mind, it is obvious Obama is not an empty suit, he‘s much too dangerous for such a benign designation.

Not since Barbara Olson‘s Hell To Pay have I looked forward with such eager anticipation to reading a non-fiction exposure of a major character in American politics. And Corsi certainly doesn’t disappoint! By the time a reader reaches the Conclusion section of this book it is embarrassing to realize that so many of our fellow Americans have embraced this radical phantom constructed on cult of personality framework by one David Axelrod.

In Jerome Corsi’s own words: “What I seek to prevent by writing this book is an Obama presidency that would represent nothing more than a repeat of the failed extremist policies since the 1960’s.”

Also in Corsi’s own words: “My intent in writing this book, as was the case in co-authoring Unfit for Command, is to fully document all arguments and contentions I make, extensively footnoting all references … “ Folks, I counted 681 footnotes for ten chapters, and introduction and a conclusion, and an extensive cross-referencing index of twenty-three pages!

Is this a Republican hit book? Hardly. Corsi is registered with the Constitutional Party. He has no racial animus, either, as shown by his past strong support for Ken Blackwell’s run for governor of Ohio. Corsi offers a strong disclaimer in his Preface.

So, how can one characterize a book that exposes the history and inclinations of a Blackman nominated by the Democratic Party for the office of President? If you are a politically conservative American or even a moderate, this is an evisceration with precision. Not prejudice, precision. The following is directly from page 302. It is instructive of the precision maintained throughout the book, whether relating Obama’s connection to the thug Odinga in Kenya, or the Black Liberation Theology of Reverend Wright, the exhaustive objectivity results in precision:
“Obama will be beaten by detailed arguments that are well researched and fact based.

This is why, for example, we took pains to make it clear Obama did not attend a madrassa when he was educated as a child in Indonesia. CNN was able to go to Indonesia and document fairly easily that there was no madrassa at the public school Obama attended. A madrassa, to be precise, is a particular kind of Islamic religious school.

We were, however, able to prove that Obama had at least one year of instruction in Islam at the public school he attended in Indonesia, and we were able to prove that, in part, by reference to Obama’s own words. That is very different from attending a madrassa. We also refrained from claiming Obama is a Muslim because of that limited experience. We have carefully stated that Obama is the best authority on his religious beliefs and we will take him at his word.

Yet, if voters perceive that Obama tilts in his current politics toward Islam, that conclusion alone will be detrimental to Obama’s chances in the general election.

Our argument is that Obama’s experience with Islam predisposes him to Islam in a way that is reflective of his political associates, his political advisors, and his specific policies regarding the Middle East. This is a very different argument than to claim Obama is a Muslim, something no one can prove one way or the other, except for Obama himself.”

That portion of Corsi’s book comes in the Conclusion section. It is much more powerful to contemplate after having read the extensive connections Corsi makes with the Kenya political thug cousin, Odinga, the Middle East connections for monies funneled to Obama via Tony Rezko, the Black Liberation Theology connected to Nation of Islam, and the choice Obama made to join himself and his family to the Wright church spewing such beliefs for twenty years.

The book is divided into three basic sections: Obama’s roots, The Making of a Radical Politician (the philosophical imperatives including immersion in Saul Alinsky and Frank Marshall Davis), and The Candidate is the Message (a well reasoned expose on the cult of personality Axelrod purposely fabricated to launch Obama past Hillary Clinton).

From the beginning, we see that Corsi is a student of current media, launching the meat of his book with a YouTube video posted this Spring by a blogger. As I read the repeated words from Obama’s supposed private meeting in San Francisco with wealthy behind the scenes liberals where he characterized struggling Pennsylvanians as clinging to guns and religion, the Limbaugh and Hannity transmogrifications of those comments echoed in my head. And that’s the problem Obama cannot overcome; his own elitism is exposed, he really believes himself to be above the masses, yet he cannot hold back derision for those he deems ‘subjects‘.

If you are a political junkie, and want a full picture of the Barack Hussein Obama our mainstream media is desperately protecting, read Corsi’s book before casting your vote in November. Our Republic is at stake. We cannot afford an Obama Nation.

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