Thursday, October 9, 2008

Guilt By Association? Absadamnlutely!

Is there such a thing as guilt? Is there such a thing as finding out just how guilty someone is of wrong doing by associating that person to organizations and people who are proven guilty of wrong doing? Oh yeah!

If a bank is robbed and the perps caught, and one of the perps merely drove to and from the crime scene, is the driver guilty of the crime by association involvement in the crime? Absolutely.

Just for the sake of exploring guilt by association, let’s presume for a moment that the driver makes a claim that he/she didn’t know what the robbers were up to and did not share in the monies from the robbery, though he/she lives in the same residence and eats the same food and shares the same heating and cooling and … well, you get the picture, the driver of the getaway car claims to not be a bank robber because none of the monies from the robbery were handed to him/her.

Further, let’s presume a judge agrees to exclude the driver from prosecution on the grounds of no money passing into his or her hands directly from the robbers. Two of the robbers plead no contest, are sentenced by the judge and sent to prison, and in three years they are released on parole and return to the residence the driver of the getaway car has maintained.

The little gang of three rob another bank and sure enough the driver of the first getaway car is driving the second getaway car. The little gang is caught. Do you suppose the pattern of being the driver for this little gang of robbers would register against the driver of the getaway cars for these robberies? I dare say even the original judge would make the guilt by association connection.

The Barack Hussein Obama campaign staff and the candidate’s wife, Michelle Obama, are trying to sweep away Barack Hussein Obama’s guilt by claiming the accusations of Obama’s associations with people and organizations guilty of wrong doings is not a measure of him, that he is admittedly an associate of these people and organizations but is not to be associated with their activities. The Obama campaign platoon expects the American people to disregard the numerous connections to the robbers, er, I mean the people and organizations. That‘s very unwise, even dangerous for the Republic.

When one looks at Barack Hussein Obama’s past and present associations to people and organizations, a very disturbing pattern emerges, a pattern of associations and involvement which tend to define a man in agreement, having a past of working with some very dangerous people and organizations. These associations amount to alliances purposely maintained!

We are presently seeking to tie Barack Obama to a fetal tissue/tissue harvesting company connected to Illinois abortion clinics. Why? Because if Mister Obama has received campaign monies from this human-tissue harvesting business then he is implicated by association and further by alliance with the evil practice of forcing premature births and the killing of these preemies by neglecting any medical treatment for them, then harvesting their body parts. The abortion facility made/makes available to the tissue harvester staff the still warm remains of these little ones murdered in this fashion, an abortion method Barack Hussein Obama worked hard to protect while he was an Illinois legislator.

During a time when abortion clinics in Illinois were allowing the tissue harvesting from just aborted children using the killing method known as induced labor abortion, Obama’s guilt would be ‘by association’. Of course, he has never killed any newborn that I know of, and I would not seek to show that. But he will be guilty by association if and when the campaign contribution connection is proven.

Too radical a connection you might say? … Well, let’s point to a few other associations. Senator Obama is intimately tied to one William ‘Bill’ Ayers, founder of the Weathermen Underground domestic terrorist organization which was an offshoot of the SDS terrorist organization proved to have killed and maimed Americans using sniper fire and bombings in not so distant decades. The SDS is also connected to the Black Panthers. Disregarding the absurd plea by Barack Hussein Obama and his wife Michelle that he didn’t know Bill Ayers was connected to these domestic terrorist activities prior to Obama becoming closely involved with Ayers, what establishes Obama’s guilt by association? His purposed alliance with Ayers!

A magazine picture is circulating from around the time of the 911 Islamic terrorist attacks which shows Bill Ayers standing defiantly upon a crushed American flag in an ally in Chicago, smirking for the camera. That picture establishes the current attitude of a man who confessed to domestic bombings but was let-off by the FBI because of ‘improper collection of evidence’.

Is Ayers guilty? Morally, yes, even if not found guilty in a court he never had to stand before! And that’s the key, folks, Bill Ayers exhibit’s a pernicious moral perspective we the people do reject, whether coming from Islamic murderers or domestic murderers. And Barack Hussein Obama is intimately tied (that's an alliance) to William ‘Bill’ Ayers, as Sean Hannity famously puts it ‘an unrepentant domestic terrorist bomber.’

Is that all, Obama just associated to a particularly heinous way of killing alive prematurely born children and associate in good standing with a domestic terrorist? Well, no. Barack Hussein Obama is a member of the Luo tribe through his Kenyan father, the same tribe to which Raila Odinga is a member, the same tribe which killed hundreds of fellow Kenyans and burned hundreds of Christian Churches in Kenya after Odinga failed to win the recent election in Kenya, failed to win even though this Odinga thug signed an agreement with Muslim leaders to seek establishment of Sharia law for Kenya if he won.

Barack Hussein Obama used taxpayer funds to travel to Kenya and campaign for this bloody thug, even after the document of agreement with the Muslim leaders was made public! Soon, deeper ties will surface showing Obama in almost daily contact with Odinga during the election, after the election during the murderous riots, and even after Odinga extorted a position of power from the elected Kenyan government in order to end the orchestrated rioting of Odinga’s goons.

Then there are the deep connections to ACORN, both the voter registration branch and the mortgage assistance branch of ACORN. Obama trained voter registration recruits--perhaps some of Obama’s trainees are now team directors of criminals inflating rolls of fraudulent voters in the ‘battleground ‘states--and was involved as lawyer in a major suit aimed at forcing a pivital lending institution into issuing bad risk mortgages to people unable to meet traditional lending parameters and who have subsequently swelled the ranks of mortgage defaults now imperiling our nation’s financial life. The threat of such lawsuits quickly whipped lenders into line, making them issuers of very bad mortgage loans funneled over to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac which are now amounting to trillions of dollars in federal debt. Obama as an ACORN activist and as a United States Senator is deeply associated with the voter fraud and financial crisis our nation faces, right now.

Guilt by association? … With even the smallest application of common sense, one is left to conclude that Barack Hussein Obama is guilty of a moral perspective which is very much contrary to that held by we the people who are paying attention to the associations. Barack Obam is closely associated to domestic terrorists, to heinous abortion methodology which commoditized the little ones, to a bloody-handed Kenyan politician, to an organization guilty of voter fraud on a massive multi-state level, and to the financial crisis our nation faces.

Here’s one final anecdotal note. The David Axelrod team hired to fabricate an acceptable image for Barack Hussein Obama has known about these connections, has considered these associations from the very start of their association with Barack Obama. It is instructive to see the layers of lies they have used to try and misdirect Americans away from the guilt by association. When David Axelrod was first asked about Barack Obama’s association to Bill Ayers, Axelrod tried to squelch further investigation by dismissing any connection as ‘perhaps they ran into each other at school functions since their children attend the same schools.’ To tell such a gross lie so quickly belies a mind already primed to lie and deceive in order to try and prevent very real Obama guilt by association. Subsequent spin from the Axelrod team has been layered to appear reasonable while still being nothing but misdirection deception.

If the media in America were not now an active fifth column seeking to aid a despicable friend of terrorists and murderers, the real associations in all their gory details would have eliminated Barack Hussein Obama’s political star months ago. Obama is guilty, by deep and abiding associations with enemies of America, enemies of Life. God have mercy upon America if we elect such a guilty man to be the most powerful man in the world. It will be we the people at fault if this very flawed man reaches ultimate power.

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