Saturday, November 1, 2008

Obama’s Campaign Is Layered With Lies

Last night (Friday, 10/31) on the Hannity and Colmes FOX NEWS program, ex-CIA Director James Woolsey, when discussing the Rashid Khalidi issue, cited facts regarding Khalidi's role on an international polling organization. Colmes had tried to impugn John McCain for ‘sending money to Khalidi‘, a specious accusation at best.

Alan Colmes had raised this tenuous connection to Rashid Khalidi as an Obama campaign talking points effort to connect John McCain’s Senate committee appropriating money to Rashid Khalidi ... floating the well crafted lie that McCain would be just as culpable as Obama's praising Khalidi at a party in Khalidi's honor where anti-Israeli hate speech was spewed to warm reception.

We have been deceived by the Obama lie that the organization was a PLO organ. In fact, they are an international polling organization on whose board apparently Khalidi sat as merely a PLO representative. The Obama/Axelrod campaign wasn’t mistaken, they were not confused, they knew they were floating yet another Obama/Axelrod lie in a layer meant to bury the truth by spreading layers of lies upon it. [Alan Colmes was so deep into using DNC/Obama/Axelrod specious talking points that he didn’t even know enough truth to try and talk over what the ex-CIA director was saying! But he started to catch on toward the end of the Admiral’s short explanation, then drowned out the finish with the usual Colmes over-talking the guest.]

What does it say about a campaign that has to resort to so many deceptions and so many layers of lies in order to hide the truth about the candidate? ... And America is a hair’s breadth away from electing this deceitful candidate to be president? I have black friends who are embarrassed he is part blackman!

With the William Ayers issue, Axelrod layered several lies to cover the truth that Obama has close personal friendships lasting decades, with monsters who are domestic terrorist bombers. Axelrod started the layer of lies with the gross fabrication that Ayers’ kids and Obama's kids attend the same school, so Ayers and Obama may have run into each other at school functions! ... The Ayers kids must be really retarded since they are two decades older than Obama's little girls.

To try such a gross lie at the start of a vetting process indicates either the campaign manager (Axelrod) is ignorant of the facts or is so knowledgeable that he has devised a plan to layer on lies he hopes will obfuscate the truth. The media has purposely subverted the normal vetting process, to cover for this Marxist built from criminal Chicago enterprise clay.

Ayers' connection to Obama is not casual; Ayers hired Obama to head the board of Annenberg Challenge doling out tens of millions of dollars to Ayers approved programs. Ayers helped launch Obama's political career from the Ayers living room with a power coffee for the new candidate. And the connections continue to be uncovered, but not by mainstream media who have sold-out to act as roadblocks in vetting this man, glady transforming the press into a fifth column enemy of We The People rather than our natural fourth estate for informed governance.

Where the Obama campaign spreads layers of lies, digging by Internet researchers has uncovered truth, despite the media’s hard work to hide facts damaging to their dirty socialist messiah.

With the ACORN issue, layers of lies were spread to cover the truth that Obama has long, close, and on-going ties to this criminal enterprise which is working to cheat the election process and blackmail/intimidate the mortgage industry. Obama has worked as a trainer for ACORN group directors. He got his start in community organizing in a sub unit of ACORN. ACORN was founded by Wade Rathke, once a member in the Ayers Weather Underground terrorist group. The Obama campaign recently paid more than $800,000 to an ACORN front group, and Obama is connected to millions paid to ACORN in the past through foundations he has chaired and served on as funneler of funds.

With the birth certificate/citizenship issue Axelrod has layered lies to cover something we have yet to fully uncover, but it can’t be good because the deceit is so pernicious and being protected by an army of Obama-hired attorneys fighting a dozen lawsuits aimed only at forcing Obama to show his actual physical place of birth!

Is Barack Obama even Constitutionally qualified to run for the office or even be a U.S. Senator? Is his claim to citizenship based on a counterfeit document? The Obama campaign tried to front a fraudulent certificate of live birth on their website. The counterfeit was so bad that the author had to admit he had fabricated the document when web sleuths exposed the fraud! And the counterfeit is compounded by an organization connected to one of Obama’s past foundations, The Annenberg Challenge, which org we will recall hired Obama at William Ayers instruction! [Yes the same William Ayers who is a confessed domestic terrorist bomber.] When questioned about this, the obama campaign has tried to tie Ronald Reagan to the layers of deceit just because Reagan was friends with Annenberg, decades ago!

The only reason to hide a simple birth certification document is to hide truth from the American people being manipulated to vote for a fraud. Then, extort the rise to ultimate earthly power via threat of violence if he is rejected for his ineligibility. Murder and mayhem worked for Obama's cousin in Kenya, in a political campaign to which Obama was closely tied before the election, during the vote counting, and afterwards during the murderous Raila Odinga directed riots and mayhem.

With the Rashid Khalidi issue we have more lies, and it isn’t difficult to see why the Obama goons are spreading layers of lies on that one! Obama expects millions of Jews to vote for him while he hides that he is close friends with a man highly placed in a PLO murderous mob determined to annihilate Israel. The deceitful candidate is layering lies to hide his relationship to the enemies of Israel! And like a broken clock, Jews will vote by the millions for this fraudulent candidate, this affirmative action promotion.

The Obama campaign knows exactly what they’re doing with the layers of lies Axelrod and company spread to hide the bare truth about this democrat candidate for president. Now that Tony Rezko is convicted not just indicted, Obama won’t even take questions regarding his relationship to Rezko in past Chicago area slumlord enterprises, or Rezko‘s connection to Obama‘s estate purchase, or Rezko‘s campaign funding for Obama in the past.

Axelrod has a history of lying to cover truth. He’s a skilled ‘Astroturfer’ for past corporate deceit campaigns, painting criminal corporations as benevolent. With the stakes so high in this campaign, and the power so real to his future, Axelrod has proven he will tell any lie he needs, to fool the people and manipulate the vote. This professional deceiver, David Axelrod, is the choice of Barack Obama, to run his campaign and deceive whomever, on whatever it takes, to achieve ultimate power in America.

Democrats are lairs. They cheat the election process in treasonous ways because the democrat party is a criminal enterprise. When they add one false vote, it cancels the legitimate vote of a sovereign American, a legitimate member of We The People. That’s treason in my book. And they are on the verge of being in complete and utter control of the whole game of marbles. Perhaps we deserve every bad thing coming our way, but pray without ceasing folks that God will be merciful to US in this time of great peril.


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Here's a Youtube video revealing the Obama connecdtions, from the guy who gave the tape to the LA Times!
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