Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Abortion And Birth Certificates: Obama’s Soul Revealed

When someone implies that you’re crazy to continue to scrutinize the Obama Certifcate Of Live Birth issue, bring up the following evidence of Obama's and the Democrat Party's willingness to set aside the Constitution for their own empowerment.

While an Illinois legislator, Barack Obama worked on four occasions to cancel the Constitutional human rights of newly born alive human beings. He did this as a way to empower himself with the most radical left of the Democrat party. His method was to argue that 'if the Constitutional rights of newly born alive children were recognized then such would erode the power of Roe v Wade'!

With the current political campaign, Barack Obama and the Democrat Party are fighting tooth and nail to avoid submitting for We The People to inspect, the very background material which is required when applying for a job with a corporation, much less a top security position: the college records, the birth certificate, the working history, medical history, etc.

To top it all off, the way Barack Obama and the Democrat Party are dragging out this controversy over his eligibility, they are aligning the circumstances in such a way as to build up an extortion scenario, where the growing threat of violence and mayhem will be implicit in urging that We The People set aside the Constitutional requirements for someone to be running for President much less take the oath of office legitimately!

The way this man and his army of attorneys are handling this issue is a strong indication as to how he will handle any issue where the Constitution might be in opposition to what he wants to do, what powers he wants to assume, what strategic moves he wants to make! It is for that reason that We The People must, YES MUST, demand that this sneaky man and his political party be made to follow the Constitution regardless of the riots his sycophants may threaten and/or perpetrate.

Barack Hussein Obama (if that is in fact his real name) is a sneaky thuggish operator. His political rise to power has shown that. He will ignore any law which is an inconvenience to his empowerment, just like he worked to cancel the Constitutional Rights of the most vulnerable newly born alive infants in Illinois, protecting the killing method of 'pernicious neglect' as a way to slaughter newly born alive children.

Let me iterate that more succinctly: Barack Obama worked to cancel Constitutional Rights of newly born children, as a means to empower himself (and perhaps protect the industry of fetal tissue harvesting which may have been a campaign contributor to him).

He is right now working to cancel the Constitutional requirements for becoming President, using the implicit threat of violence --a threat which grows more imminent with every passing day he ignores the right of We The People to know the facts on him. And he is orchestrating that growing threat as the damned thug that he is-- in his campaign to have himself installed as president despite the illegitimacy of his candidacy. He has also sent his minions to the media and Internet, to squelch a rising din over the issue, because the more aware the people are of this possible illegitimacy the less empowering are threats over rejection of him for illegitimacy.

If Barack Hussein Obama will work to cancel the rights of the most vulnerable in order to empower himself and/or his special interests, and Barack Obama will send out an army of attorneys to stonewall the vetting of him on eligibility issues, what is to stop such a thug from doing anything he wants with a democrat controlled Congress behind his empowerment? Elections have consequences. As we see clearly from his past actions, the Constitution is nothing more than a weak contract Obama ignores when it suits him to do so.

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