Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Old Republic is Falling to Fascist/Communist Coup de Tat

In answer to several people at FreeRepublic claiming the '60 million gunowners' are the check to the Obama imbalance, I wrote the following on the discussion thread we have every day for watchers of Glenn Beck's FOX program. I don' t think I'm all that far off the mark here. Tyranny from totalitarians is what we are witnessing being built in America.

[[ For those who have put so much faith in the so far lawful weaponry we possess, let's take a look at how the commies and fascists will work their magic, this time. Remember please, they have the lessons learned in Germany, Russia, and Venezuela. We are perhaps confused because these usurpers are using communistic as well as fascist tactics.

The Americorp/Obamacorp approach will indoctrinate millions and millions of youth and willing elders into the cult of the obama-nation. These inductees will be paid and put to work on make work projects and feel good tasks.

Eventually, the Americorp alums will be so sold on the cult that they will be the pacification influence tool put to work in communities.

First, they will be called to talk, then get in your face if you disagree with the 'wave sweeping the wounded nation'. Eventually, most folks will buckle under the pressure from insistent voices and the growing scarcity of food and fuel.

Finally, a well observed body of elites will be taken aside to form the numbers of an armed protector force, 'to stop violence in struggling communities'. Massive unemployment aids the fascist process because households are over-stressed, and eventual scarcities always result from massive unemployment! More people are moved onto the rolls of government dependents.

This process is the wedding of Communism, Fascism, and societal engineering. Right now, there are literally millions who are speaking out against the communistic takeover of the healthcare industry. But right now we are well fed and housed and have gas to drive to townhall meetings and still get to the grocery, work, and church. We hardly even raised our voices as the banking industry was nationalized, and two major car companies were brought under obama rule in fascist fashion, and control handed to the unions.

As the Obama nation takes more fascist control over industries buckling under threats, the federal oligarchy will hold the U.S. in a strangling grip with which to stifle dissent, cower the moderates, and starve the unfaithful to the Obama wave. Eventually, after a few of U.S. scattered across the nation take up arms and resist the fascist bastards, even those guns will be silenced by the trained 'peacekeepers' sent to make life safer for those in compliance with dictates from the lord high obama and his fascist czars/advisers. And make no mistake, when the shooting starts, there will be tens of thousadns of volunteers in service to the obamessiah new America.

What the blustering do not understand is, the process will not happen in such a way as to allow a clear line of demarcation. Communities will be fractured by an onslaught of propaganda from the enemy fifth column media (once called the fourth estate), by debates allowed to happen under ever increasing scarcities, and by community organizing 'to hold on while the hard times pass'.

The massing of tens or hundreds of armed resisters will not happen in the populated centers because the vast majority of dependent sheeple will be led to see resisting the obama nation as a threat to their personal and family survival. These sheeple will be the willing allies in pointing out whom is the kink in the cogs. Some of U.S. will die with William Wallace's battle cry on our lips, and find true freedom. The vast majority will whimper and cry to be protected by the organized community and it's elite forces.

The Fascist of today may have hate to spare in their hearts, but they are not stupid, and their conquering of Amerika and sweeping away of the Old Republic will hear mostly 'feed us' rather than free us. ]]

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