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From where have these thousand page plus bills sprung onto the American scene in so short a time? From the minds of ‘progressives’, ‘social activists’, and ’enlightened social engineers’ not even in political office prior to Obama taking control! Literally, within hours after Congress went into session in 2009, Congressional committees were issuing lengthy bills being rushed through for passage into law. Congressman Obey, whose committee issued the Stimulus Package, couldn’t have conceived of such a lengthy socialist oriented bill in so short a time. He took the framework from already designed change oriented progressives not even in government, but rather in activist organizations seeking to change America, FAST. The dirty little secret perhaps missed by not reading the entire bill before voting on it is that the Stimulus Package contained billions in funding for these ‘progressive’ organizations, much of which will flow through front organizations of parent orgs who have joined in an alliance to change America!

As Barack Obama rose to prominence in 2008, rising with him was an agenda represented as a three-legged stool conceived as the brain child of Van Jones, now green jobs czar. But several of the czars answering only to the White House are sent up from the legs of this change oriented alliance stool, like Brian Deese, who worked for John Podesta and was appointed to fashion the ‘cash for clunkers’ government dole debacle designed to keep union jobs solvent by moving union made cars off of storage lots. This three-legged stool is named ‘The Apollo Alliance’ and the legs are unions, the green movement, and ‘social justice‘.

The unions include SEIU, the AFL-CIO, and the United Steelworkers, to name three. The green movement includes Sierra Club, Green Peace, and League of Conservative Voters, to name only three. The ‘social justice’ leg includes ACORN, ‘black farmers’, and the Ella Baker Center, to name three, yet ACORN is literally more than a hundred front organizations funneling taxpayer monies back to radical weatherman Wade Rathke‘s brain child.

It was the goal of Van Jones to integrate these three ‘change oriented’ fronts to achieve a rapid and complete transformation of America, by combining the assets of these general movements under one directive, the Apollo Alliance project. [ Van Jones was an avowed black nationalist serving time in prison when he became an avowed communist. He is now serving Obama’s administration as the green jobs czar. ]

ACORN was founded by weatherman Wade Rathke, who was subsequently on the board of the Tides Foundation, which funded and gave credence to the Apollo Alliance. SEIU’s current VP, Gerald Hudson, is on the Apollo Board. John Podesta, president of the Soros funded Center For American Progress, is on the Apollo Board. Phil Angelides, once treasury secretary for the bankrupt California government is on the Apollo Board. In fact, if one looks at the board members of the Apollo Alliance, it is peopled by radicals and change oriented activists who have functioned in leadership roles for activist groups.

If you are not familiar with a social methodology know euphemistically as the Cloward-Piven Strategy, it would be good to take a long look at that methodology for changing America. Basically, the strategy embraces overloading services funded by the federal government in order to crash the system and sweep away the powers that be, to be replaced by ‘social justice’ mongers, the green movement, and various social change orgs like unions. Manufactured crisis is the hallmark of the Cloward-Piven strategy. Does Rahm Emanuel’s crisis quote come to mind? It should! To activist leadership, a crisis should never be allowed to go to waste.

That Cloward-Piven strategy to crash the system of federal funded programs, combined with a fascist approach to taking over control of major aspects of the American economy is what the Obama Administration is all about. The evidence is now overwhelming that such is the goal. The people writing the agenda for their brand of federal government are in fact right out of the Apollo Alliance and subsidiary orgs such as ACORN, SEIU. And Green Peace. Harry Reid even thanked the Apollo Alliance for helping to write the Stimulus bill, and the TARP bill oozed from a similar source.

First came nationalizing of the private banking system, reacting to a major financial crisis which threatened to close banks with too many calls on their assets, at nearly $600 billion before the calls were shut down. The source of those calls has yet to be made public, if anyone actually knows beyond the goons making the calls on assets. The plea was that if the fed did not inject nearly a trillion dollars immediately and seize the major banks (Goldman Saks and its competitors), the world-wide system would be crashed and all credit would seize up, stopping commerce world-wide.

While Bush was still in office, the first injection and seizure occurred. Then, when Obama came into power, the nationalizing of private banking industry was enacted, with Goldman Saks at the top because of Paulson’s influence. [ Hank Paulson was the past President of Goldman Saks, before becoming Bush’s Treasury Secretary.] As a sprinkling of infused cash was paid back, the monies were not paid back to the taxpayers, they were instead re-directed to other banking ‘needs’, in countries like Germany!

The next phase was to pass a cap and tax bill, which was the green movement’s leg of the Apollo Alliance equivalent of seizing the means for energy production and use in America. This action, if passed finally into law, will in fascist fashion give complete control of energy in America to the federal oligarchy Obama is fashioning. And 85% of the projected collections from energy producers and users has already been promised to constituent organizations rather than the federal tax coffers!

The next phase was to seize major portions of the American auto industry, in service to the union leg of the fascist Apollo Alliance stool. Oddly, Ford Motor Company declined the ‘offer’ and has remained solvent. Control of the auto industry reaches deeply into any industrial function associated to auto production, such as steel production, and will give the federal oligarchy power over every industry where unions can force their way in via the ‘balloting’ which unions may use to strong-arm non-union workers, effectively giving power to threaten any industry with union shutdown if their demands are not met. With the nationalizing of GM and Chrysler, we are witnessing the Obama administration service to a second leg of the Apollo stool, the unions.

The next phase is to take over the broad institution of healthcare in America, by demonizing the insurance industry and seizing the payment methodology for reimbursing physicians and medical institutions, while running the insurance industry out of business over the next ten years. [ The health-care industry is the largest employer in the U.S. It produces almost 17 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product. ]

As a means to institute ‘social justice’, taking over the healthcare industry will extend government forced medical care to illegals and welfare dolees at the expense of degrading the fundamental care, efficiency, and soundness of our current doctor run healthcare system. Federal oligarchs will make treatment decisions, dictate whom will receive what level of treatment, and control the means of housing and caring for all ages of American citizens. Death panels are but a small aspect of such fascist controls, and the means to formulate such panels was actually tacked on at the end of the Stimulus Bill already passed into law. Regions now seen as ‘red’ will be strong-armed into following the oligarch’s system or be denied payments and upgrades until they comply and follow the federal ‘mandates’.

Healthcare systems without entrepreneurial incentive see research in medicines and treatment advancements grind to a halt. Government run Healthcare will perniciously degrade the American healthcare system which is now hallmarked by innovation and technological discovery. Under total government control, focus will switch quickly from Doctor-Patient perspective, to bureaucrat-patient-doctor … the doctor could become less than a current physician’s assistant, relegated to merely following the guidelines dictated by federal oligarchs. With the new system, the federal bureaucracy will dictate ‘care‘ and terminations of same.

So, from whence came the healthcare bill now slogging through discussion at town halls and congressional backrooms? Whom designed this monster being spun, twisted, and lied about in the fifth column enemedia, in service to the Obama administration?

Well, since we know the TARP and Stimulus bills had major input from Apollo Alliance, it’s a sure bet that the healthcare bill is also the product of radical thinkers. And we need look no further than John Holdren, Jacob Hacker, and Tom Daschle to see the origins of a monster fascistic usurpation now claimed by congressional deadheads. Jacob Hacker was the ‘health industry’ adviser to the Edwards, Obama, and Clinton campaigns in 2008. John Holdren is the current science czar int eh White House, and he has openly advocated for population controls as the means to stop global degradation of the environment. He does not recognize a newborn as fully a human beings until perhaps socialization has begun! Retired Senator Tom Daschle has been pushing healthcare ‘reform’ as a lobbyist for years. Given his experience during the Clinton years, it was his advice to Obama that healthcare reform be passed quickly, before the public could discover the vagaries and debate begun in earnest over the issues.

The healthcare reform alliance is yet another brainchild of progressives who really don’t like the America we recognize, so they are hard at work changing it, sweeping away the Old Constitutional Republic, to be replaced by a federal oligarchy perhaps already too powerful to stop. We The People are being transmogrified--to borrow a term from Calvin & Hobbes--into subjects of a federal oligarchy, conceived by the Democratic Party as a benevolent despot empowered through burdensome taxation, tasked with controlling every social institution upon which individual existence depends.

Welcome to Obama’s Amerika, comrade. Progressives will take care of you and your offspring … from government approved birth to federally mandated burial.

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