Wednesday, July 29, 2009

We Have A Criminal From A Criminal Enterprise Political Party In The Oval Office

Here is a quick list of deceits the Pres_ _ent has committed regarding his history ... finding more is very difficult because the fraud has sent detectives and lawyers out to bury his past, like the only file missing from the kindergarten he attended is, you guessed it, Barry Obama, aka Barry Soetoro's file!

-- Obama lied on his application to the Illinois Bar Association and the photocopy is part of legal filings in court, where he swore that he had never been known by any name except Barack Obama ... he has used Barry Dunham, Barry Obama, and Barry Soetoro as so far discovered

-- Obama's Selective Service card is so badly forged that the type face doesn't even match, and may have been created erecently because to become an Illinois legislator he would have to have registered Selective Service when he turned eighteen, and probably didn't

-- Obama filed on the Internet a supposed copy of his CoLB he claimed was sent from Hawaii ... it is a clear forgery, a false document which, when it appeared a legal case just might get to discovery, the Obama campaign goons scrubbed the forgery from their Internet site and everywhere else they could, including Daily KOS

-- After posting a clear forgery of a supposed CoLB through the Obama-servile Factcheck website, Obama presented an exhibit to the same people (and other journalist outlets like World Net Daily, to be fair here); Factcheck posted his first forgery has claimed that this is the real CoLB from Hawaii; Factcheck has said he showed to them his actual original birth certificate and they were allowed to handle it and photograph it

-- The supposed newspaper birth announcements, for Barry from supposedly 1961, mysteriously surfaced from microfiche files listing an address where witnesses have said no black man with a white wife and a mixed baby ever lived, a home occupied by a different family, continuously, until just three years ago; the address may in fact be the residence address for the Nordykes (Dr and Mrs) who had twins just hours after Barack was supposedly born in the same hospital, but oddly the Nordyke twins are not in the list of births found in the suspicious newspaper exhibit

-- The driver's License listed on the parking tickets from Cambridge Mass from when Barry was in Harvard reference a Social Security number which belonged to a man long dead; the number was assigned more than a hundred years ago to someone else and is a Connecticut issue

-- Barack Obama has 39 different social security numbers and they are listed in a court filing in California

It is interesting to note that an Hawaiian official representing the Vital Records Department in Hawaii just yesterday 7/28/09) stated that the official has seen the documentS in the Hawaiian archives that prove Barack Obama is a native born Hawaiian which proves he is a natural born citizen!

Such a legal finding--stating that he is Constitutionally a natural born citizen--would be just the sort of statement the Obama/Acelrod/Emanuel goons would present for the sympathetic or under duress official to say, but would indicate two things:

1) The poor official was far from unbiased and professional, allowing to be so blatantly used by a White HOuse in panic mode.

2) The public statement was anything but a simple statement released in business as usual in Hawaii; someone is leaning on Hawaiian Health Department officials to help someone try and squelch the relentless effort to have Barack Obama disclose the simple facts about his birth and life--which is definitely unlike the disclosure past Presidents and Presidential candidates have undergone in order fro the voters to know whom they are voting for, information so fundamental to what is the reality of the figure presented by the political party for the job of President of the United States.

The way the media, which has transmogrified from biased to down right DNC servitude, is doing the Pres_ _ent's dirty work rather than seeking the truth of his history is a shocking revelation of just how far down the toilet journalism in America has been flushed. Even the head of CNN made a bold-faced lie on air, stating that Hawaii destroyed all paper records when they created their electronic filing system ... Jon Klein's effort to shut down Lou Dobbs for simply agreeing that it is not outrageous to expect the Pres_ _ent show to the American people what they have to show to obtain a passport, or even entry into the little league baseball system!

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