Monday, July 27, 2009

Obama Is A Liar, By His Own Signed Documents

No, this is not an essay about Barack Obama's perjury when he applied for the Illinois Bar Association. It is instead an address of the duplicitous deceit open to any in media, if they were actually doing the fourth estate work they used to do, before transmogrifying themselves into the fifth column enemy of We The People.

During the run for the Democratic Party nomination, Barack Obama signed/entered apps to all fifty states which stated that he swears he is qualified for the position of President according to the Constitutional eligibility requirements. Signing onto the McCain Senate resolution indicates Obama does accept the definition as applied to McCain's particulars, two citizen parents + born on U.S. soil.

On his own website, Obama states that his father was a British subject from a British colony now an independent nation called Kenya.

Iterating again, in April of 2008, Barack Obama signed on to a Senate resolution which addressed McCain's status as a natural born citizen. The resolution stated specifically that McCain was a natural born citizen because he was born to two American citizen parents and was born on American soil.

Barack Obama has contradicted his own sworn applications for the primaries in all fifty states, because he does not meet the Constitutional requirements he himself signed onto with the Senate resolution concerning John McCain's status.

So, if this is not perjury of sorts, what could it be? ... The affirmative action liar-in-chief swore to all fifty state election officials that he was eligible according to the Constitutional requirements, but he has stated openly that his father was not an American citizen, yet Obama signed onto the Senate resoultion which stated clearly that McCain was a natural born citizen because he had two American citizen parents and was born on American soil.

An open liar/perjurer is now pretending to be the eligible President of the United States handing out orders as CIC (at least one brave soldier has challenged the liar, however) and signing into law legislation which he is not actually eligible to sign as President of the United States ... and the Democratic Party demands through their slugslime media outlets that American voices objecting to this liar-in-chief just shut up and get out of the way of this illegitimate poseur! This same slugsliming media wave a false CoLB which Obama posted on his website, as if this forgery is proof of qualification that Obama has already attested he cannot meet because his father was a British subject!

Should we be surprised that this liar continues to lie and dissembling in nearly every area of his life and political work? ... As far as I can tell, he hasn't told any lies regarding the White House family dog. At the rate this Democrat liar-in-chief is moving, it might be better to try and list what things he has not lied about! Sadly, there appear to be none in the media who care that this open liar is a LIAR in the Oval Office.

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