Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Soon-to-arrive 'Big Machine'

By now, many have concluded that the current administration is being used to crash the American economy. They didn't start the crash, but they will be finishing it. The debt load is so large now that our taxes only pay the interest to the privately held federal reserve banks who funnel it to others like the Chicoms holding our notes. The questions become: what is the purpose of this destruction; what is the goal of this managed destruction?

It is evident that the Obama/Democrat controlled government is radically leftist. The people now destroying the American economy and thus the Constitutional Republic are far more radical than their inspirations such as Francis Piven or even Saul Alinsky. It is also becoming more apparent that these radical leftists are not occupying their positions of their own efforts ... these radical 'progressives' have been funded and directed by some other force. I believe the clues point inexorably toward a banking force so large that it is outside the consciousness of the average person.

Bush allowed Bernanke and Paulson (the Fed Reserve principles in the Bush administration, who have now insured Goldmen-Sachs a member of the system) to aim the nation's monetary system in the direction of consolidation through focused liquidation. The Obama administration followed up with focused takeovers of financially vulnerable auto companies which unions had made brittle to the point of insolvency. With these two points --the banking protection and government control of auto companies-- I think we were given the first major clues to the banking interests behind the current purposeful destruction of the American economy.

Cap and Trade was designed to take control of the means to produce energy and the means to tax the consumption of energy. The obamacare leg is designed to give the government the means to control every aspect of life related to health, including the food industry and the commercial dispensing of healthcare. With the federal foot in the door, anything which can be construed to impact health will be then regulated/controlled by the federal oligarchy, which means the banking interests, ultimately.

A misdirection game is being played out before our eyes. This new machine is based upon old European social democracy now updated to make democratic process subservient to dictatorial oligarchy of the banking powers, via the political processes shammed up to look like democratic process. While we are focused upon the extreme radicals of the Obama administration and Obama himself, the real machine being constructed by the banking powers is sliding into place, world-wide.

You might ask, 'So, how do the banking powers get back control over the world systems once the radical commies have destroyed the capital market system? ... If the radicals bring down America and end the potential of American might being used to enforce transition of the world to a controlled central authority, how do the banking powers wring control away from these radicals?'

The answer is as simple as managed chaos, and as complex as world governance. Radical destroyers can never govern. Once the control by one system is murdered, some other system of organization must be instituted in order for the world to run on time once again. Once the American economy is bankrupted beyond recovery (and we are extremely close to that point now; with Obamacare the economic impact will be the last straw finally breaking the system down over a five to eight year period), the new 'world economic system' will be the skeleton around which the new order from chaos will be established.

So, the machine being built is much larger than merely the destroyer of the American economy. Even the insidious Obama commie regime will crumble before this larger machine. The machine is a world banking system/world governing board controlled by a select few who are now holding all the asset deposit receptacles. The unions and election cheating systems are merely the tools this larger monster machine is using. If it has escaped your notice, Andy Stern and Wade Rathke are expanding SEIU and ACORN world-wide. Europe has already succumb to the complete usurpation of individual liberty. The 300,000,000 American rebels are the last obstacle to this new world order.

If you're asking how the Chicoms can be reigned in to allow this new world order to take complete control, consider whose debt they now carry to any negotiation of world economic system! If you wonder what the effect of the Islamofascists will be, ultimately, they can be nothing more than a dissonance to be squelched with sufficient destructive force.

It is tiny Israel which stands as the most obstinate bump in the New World Order road. And even they can be manipulated to do the bidding of the larger force because Israel will fight to prevent their total annihilation, which works right into the squelching of Islam, eventually, turning Islamic governors into the willing allies of the NWO. The people of Islam are the toothy sheep of demonic manipulation. The income doling 'princes' are the real power in Islam.

I wonder what the name of the world currency will be? ... Quatloos perhaps? ;^)

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