Sunday, April 5, 2009

Does Anyone Get It Yet?

The following is excerpted from a very wise blog page. Use the link at the end and read the entire essay and the past essays by a wise man, if you dare. I say 'dare' because the messages just might awaken some sleeping sovereigns and move them to action, before it's too late to get America back. ...

"So if you’re wondering how BHO and his Marxist cronies have been able to violate the Constitution as though is didn’t exist, the answer is that they are merely taking advantage of the decay of democracy in the U.S. that was already present when they came to power. While Americans have been busy watching American Idol, Oprah, and other assorted mind-dulling fare on TV, the liberal fascists (to borrow Jonah Goldberg’s appropriate term) in Washington have been quietly (until now) working to establish a dictatorship based on the ruins of democracy.

Get it? I hope so. Because if a vast majority of everyday folks don’t get it soon, it will be too late. Perhaps it already is. We will soon find out."

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