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September 11, 2001 Revisited

Have enough years passed now so that we can rationally discuss what happened on 9/11? Let's see ...

Following are a few video links to the events and engineering analysis of the evidence; these are but a select few, but are neverless what I believe to be the truth of 9/11 'what':

Slow mo of Columns and girders flying, turning to dust mid air:

--Peter Jennings on steel to dust:

--What turned the Twin Towers into dust?

--Dr Judy Wood 'New Hiroshima':
Part 1
Part 2

Watching the astonishing visual evidence of the majority of the 110 floors turning to dust in mid air leads to only one conclusion: the towers were dustified in mid air and floated away over Manhattan and the Hudson River. Before addressing how, we should ask ourselves 'why', because more than two-thousand human beings died in that conflagration, fellow citizens for whom we will now ask in honor of those precious lives lost.

I do not doubt that two planes were hijacked and flown into the towers. The al Qaeda devils showed that they wanted to bring the towers down and strike at the heart of American economic power, years before, when they tried to detonate a huge bomb in the basement of one of the towers. But looking at the evidence of what happened to the tower structures as the damaged floors burned, combined with the reality that a steel skeleton hi-rise building may be consumed by fire without the steel structure giving way, we are left with a need to look very closely at what was happening to the first building (building two) right before it collapsed into dust.

From the floor where that second plane impacted, and upward, that portion of the first tower to fall was tipping over and about to rain down on the city below. At the instant the upper portion tipped, the building underneath it began turning to dust, dropping that upper portion straight down, to turn mostly to dust as it fell. The rubble pile for that first fallen building was not as big as the rubble pile left when forty-seven story building seven was brought down in a controlled demolition! In fact, the rubble pile was less than three stories high and the basement levels were not filled with rubble ... emergency lights remained on and uncrushed in the train tunnel and mall basement levels!

I asked myself what would have happened to that end of Manhattan Island had towers one and two, each weighing at least 500,000 tons, crashed down into the 'bathtub' dike system constructed under the trade center complex as a means to hold out the Hudson River? The foundations and lowest levels of the buildings were built below the level of the river. The loss of life would undoubtedly have been much greater, and the devastation to the financial district would have been, well, exponentially more catastrophic! Trillions of dollars of property and commerce would have been suddenly, within a day, terminated. The train tunnels under the tower complex came in from under the river. The train system extended under an important portion of the Island. It is not difficult to imagine what would have been the result of the river suddenly pouring into and under the Island of Manhattan. There are literally tens of millions of tons of structures spread out over that end of Manhattan. Without a firm foundation, those tons would have become 'unstable' and likely would have come down in rubble piles, slaughtering perhaps hundreds of thousands of people trapped on the Island!

The first tower blew away as dust many minutes before the second building, which had been hit first. But the strike that hit the first building did not cause damage sufficient to cause a tipping of the floors above the impact point. It is impossible to know how many people escaped from the second building after the first disappeared, but it was almost emptied from the floors below the fire floors when it finally came apart.

There is no visible evidence that the second building suffered a tipping of the fire floors, but debris was raining down on Manhattan below. The rubble pile for the second building was slightly larger than that of the first, but not significantly larger. The vast majority of steel, gypsum, concrete, plastics, aluminum, wood and people were dustified and blew away, while billions of pages of paper liberated from metal and wood and plastic file cabinets just floated down all over the area, unburnt, not even singed by the enclosures suddenly dissolved from around them.

With well documented controlled demolitions from decades of such work, it is a known factor that approximately 12% of a structure will make up the rubble pile of the collapse. If there are 110 floors of building, we might expect approximately twelve percent of those floors to compose the size of the rubble pile. If we allow for three or four floors to be piled in the lower levels, we still should see about ten floors of rubble where each of the buildings came down. Look at the video evidence from the day of the catastrophe. One tower rubble pile was nearly at ground level, and the second was just under four stories high. Only a small percentage of the cladding panels on the two buildings was actually found in the rubble piles, and the glass windows from both towers could not be counted, for they were no longer anything but dust.

We are told that tonnes and tonnes of steel were hauled away, for weeks, from the site. Yes, lots of steel was hauled away, but that steel was mostly from the foot prints of buildings five, six, and seven, not from the two towers! The man who leased the buildings (Silverstein) admitted that building seven was 'pulled'. That's a euphemism for controlled demolition. And that building was forty-seven stories, and left a bigger rubble pile than towers one and two combined! Lots of steel had to be carted away from that collapsed building, enough in fact to have folks lose track of amounts and locations of where the steel was being loaded.

I am convinced that when the terrorists first tried and failed to drop a tower, a collection of contingency plans were formulated for what to do when these monsters tried again, and in what ways they might try to strike. I have no doubt that someone realized the sort of attack that did happen was a clear possibility. And if such an attack occurred, what would be the results of huge planes slamming into various portions of a tower. The tipping must have been anticipated, and had to be the most difficult scenario to address. Probably, the most drastic solution for such a scenario is what we witnessed on September 11, 2001. A very secret weapon was used to dustify the buildings, rather than have a million tonnes crashing down as solid rubble all over the city below, rupturing the 'bathtub' and inundating Manhattan by the river, trapping hundreds of thousands in a crushing scene.

To reveal the use of probably one of the most devastating and frightening weapons we possess had to come as a difficult pill for the military to swallow, but it was used, I believe, in an effort to actually save trillions of dollars in property damages and commerce loss, as well as to prevent the loss of perhaps hundreds of thousands of people on Manhattan Island.

The psy-ops operation which accompanied the use of this weaponry and the subsequent cover-up and disinformation, complete with media complicity, is no longer in doubt. The exploitation of this tragedy by those who hold irrational hatred for George Bush, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld has not gone unnoticed, either. Such hate-filled people will believe a lie in order to amplify their hatred. And the lies have been many and varied, from a supposed CIA 'employee' telling us that a secret weapon thermite bomb was used, to democrat political devils telling us that for the months leading up to 9/11 Bush's regime were planting thermite charges in the towers in order to create a false flag operation for their exploitation, enabled by the Bush brother, Marvin Bush, who ran security for a period prior 9/11.

Such evil schemes may be the lengths to which democrats are willing to go in order to empower themselves. The democrat party has supported and exploited the slaughter of tens of millions of alive unborn human beings in order to empower their political schemes. They might slaughter thousands in an American city in order to arrange for wars, martial law, and such. I wouldn't put it past them and it is perhaps why they obsess over imagined schemes on 9/11, in their irrational hatred of George Bush and his administration.

My granddaughter may live in an era when the actual truth of what dustified the twin towers comes to light by government admission. We can only hope and pray that is the case. For now, we are still being manipulated, to divert us from getting at the reality. Someone believes the manufactured story is better for us than the truth. That is a mistake which can result in hatred and broken trust between the people and their elected representation, if We The People are truly the sovereigns of this republic. ... But do we remain so?

And the last note to be aired over 911 is who made big money from the erasing of those building liabilities standing in lower Manhattan. Names like Silverstein, Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld immediately come to mind, but the fabric of lies over what happened on 911 prevents clear trails from emerging regarding just who profited from the treachery of 911. Certainly it is not the American people or the common men and women of Islam.

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